Thursday, February 17, 2011

Homework 2/17 Option 1

1.   The Haymarket Square Riot. The Haymarket Riot was an organized riot to reduce work hours for workers at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. A pipe bomb was thrown into the crowd of officers and seven were killed and many more injured.
  1. In the period of 1870-1900, labor unions and organizations were rarely successful in achieving their goals primarily because of problems with being able to organize large numbers of American Workers. The rare victories for labor were isolated incidents because there were no labor organizations on a national or even state-wide basis... due to the Haymarket Square Bombing, which was associated with anarchists, and confirmed the public's opinion when several people were killed in the riot. Continued apathy and opposition by the public, management, and the government forced labor to organize to protect its interests. Although union demonstrations resulted in workers being injured, dead, or fired they set the way for unions in the future to be successful in their endeavors. These demonstrations were successful in the fact that they showed management and companies that the American worker can unite and be heard as one voice rather than a mass of passive workers.
  2. This essay tells about the labor unions and organizations of the sort. It tells us that they are rarely successful. The Haymarket Riot relates to this essay because of the lack of labor organizations around the country. It also mentions the Riot in the text (in the middle). I think that the workers of McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. (the rioters) had the right idea in mind to do what they did. They, though could have done it in a non-harmful way. They could have threatened to quit if working time wasn’t cut down, or even go as a small group once in a while to protest. Both these ways were less violent than a riot and proved your point, plus it would nag the owner that you keep visiting him to cut down on your hours of work. To view where this essay is typed, visit

White Man's Burdens

1. It also might be a burden for the guilt that the United States would have to live with because how we would take over others’ countries and to take their raw materials. It said that they thought of the Egyptian night as “loved” because slaves were taken from Africa like places like Egypt. The slaves made everything pretty much, that we have. They help build the roads, get us crops, etc.. I think that Kipling is being sarcastic by the white man’s burdens. The white man’s burden might be because they I think that he is talking about the hardships of the blacks. For example,        “The roads ye shall not tread,
       Go, make them with your living
       And mark them with your dead”
       “The silent sullen peoples
        Shall weigh your God and you.”
This second quote tells hows them and their religion were going to be taken over.

2. I think that he justifies it I think that he sort of justifies imperialism by saying that the white men took over the black men. Also, maybe he means that the white men are spreading, the white men representing U.S.A. He also tried to justify it to the Christian religion because it brings a government to people who didn’t live in the United States and brought them to a city they could be apart of.

3. It would not be appealing because I thought that it seemed like people were overthrowing people and using what they made against them. It might be appealing, though, because “white men” are gaining land and that is a good thing for them. They are being more successful and gaining for raw materials.