Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

     Throughout my time in the DLC, I have done many fun, encouraging projects that help me grow and become better than I used to be. For example, it has helped me grow to be a well-rounded person, and now I can create interesting products that make me happy. I used to not know anything about creating projects or how to keep people focused on my work, but now I know all about movement and transitions and even build ins and build outs. I have also learned how to control my worries and frustrations in class (with the projects, not the people).

     I am also very proud about all of my products that I make. Even though I love all of my projects, my proudest one was probably the brochure. The brochure definitely showed my new talents and skills and put them to work.

     My most challenging project so far, has been the Thematic Causes of The Civil War. It, unlike most of the other projects, had to be at least five minutes long. That was a challenge, but I got through it and did my best.

     My most favorite  project is probably the Stephen Crane video. Not only because it came out so good, but mainly because I had a ton of fun doing it. The people in my group made me happy because of how well they worked, and what great things that they made.

     In the second semester I hope that we a fun project of our choice. We could just choose whatever we wanted to do and have fun. It probably wouldn't be worth many points, but it brings out what everyone knows best about. Expectation wise, I would like to get an A in the DLC, do my best, and learn to have fun on every project. Happy Holidays!


  1. Gavin-
    It is awesome that while creating exceptional products you had fun along the way. It is good that you can control yourself and not get angry( at the projects) and encourage others in class. I know that you have been "hot ticket item", as Ms. Bailin would put it, and I think you can really push yourself next semester. I agree it would be nice to be able to do a project where we get to do whatever we want, it could be a time to see who sinks and swims with all that freedom on their hands. I believe that you can accomplish all your goals, and I by the voice in your post I feel like your having a ton of fun already.

  2. Ciara-
    Thank you Ciara for posting a wonderful comment. Your comment made me feel warm inside and very happy. Trust me, I'm not the only "hot ticket item"! You are definitely one of the top picks for projects or groups for everyone! Thanks again. And have a great second semester.

  3. Gavin-
    I think it's great how you encourage yourself to make your projects better and better while still making them fun.I believe those actions lead to good habits in the future.It is important to always be proud of your accomplishments and I never expected your brochure to be your the project your most proud of.I'm not saying your brochure was bad but picking the brochure as your proudest product really tells me a lot about you.In my opinion over coming challenges can be a huge accomplishment like the Thematic Causes project.I felt so relieved when that one was finished. I do think your Stephen Crane video was your best work because it showed me your innovativeness and your cooperation with your fellow group members.I'm glad we have you in the DLC because your a great student and an awesome friend. :D

  4. Erin-
    Thank you for your comment, Erin. It boosted my spirits and confidence. I am also very glad that you enjoyed my Stephen Crane project. The brochure and the Stephen Crane project were head and head for "the best". It must have been the Stephen Crane project because your one was very well done, too. Thanks. Have a wonderful year.

  5. Gavin-
    You say before Winter Break that you think it would be nice to have a project where you could have freedom, now that you are given all of that freedom with our final showcase project do your feelings change?

  6. Gavin- Thank you for the nice comment on my blog it really made me feel special. I'm glad you liked my Stephen crane project, the day I presented ten people came up to me and complimented me on my project!Thank you for your kind words!-Erin

  7. Gavin-
    Wow, just from reading this post I can tell you really enjoy DLC. You seem to be having a lot of fun while learning at the same time. I hope you continue to grow and expand your knowledge through DLC.